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How To Clean Baseball Pants The Right Way

How To Clean Baseball Pants The Right Way

Baseball is a dirty game. While the field looks beautiful when watching from the stands, the players out there sliding and diving around can get dirty in a hurry. If you’re a parent of one of those players, there’s a good chance that laundry duties will fall to you. Do you have a plan when your baseball star comes home with pants caked with dirt, sweat and grass? What about baseball pants that stink? Don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s how to clean baseball pants the right way.

Assess the Damage

As soon as the game is over, you’ll want to take a quick look to assess the damage that you’ll be dealing with in terms of cleaning the pants prior to the next game. Some games, there may be no dirt or grass stains to speak of, so just a standard wash will do the job. Other times, however, the pants will be a mess.

If your child spent most of the game sliding into bases and diving for the ball, there is sure to be evidence of those efforts written on their pants. Players can also work up quite a sweat, which can soak into and become trapped in the synthetic fibers of the pants—resulting in some serious stink.

So the question is, how do you get the smell out of baseball pants and remove those pesky stains?

How to Wash Baseball Pants

Here’s the short and sweet version of how to clean baseball pants, with more details on each step below:

  • Treat heavy stains and odor quickly
  • Try a long soak for persistent stains
  • Machine wash with a quality sports detergent (your best defense against odor)
  • Hang to air dry or tumble dry (low/no heat)

It’s Important to Act Quickly

One of the best things you can do to return a pair of baseball pants to like-new condition is to act quickly. If you let things like dirt, grass, and sweat remain on the pants for too long, the challenge of cleaning them properly is going to become much greater. Don’t make this mistake.

You can prepare in advance with an extra pair of pants that your child can wear home from the game. With something else to wear, you can get the pants immediately rinsed, even with just a bottle of water or faucet near the field. A quick rinse of the affected areas can go a long way toward preventing the stains from setting into the fibers.

Treat Heavy Stains & Odor First

If you were able to treat the pants right away, removing stains shouldn’t be too difficult. But if it’s been a while, you may have your work cut out for you. Here are a few simple steps to treat heavy stains before washing baseball pants:

  • Brush away any extra dirt or grass
  • Create a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and detergent (WIN Sports Detergent includes peroxide!—so no need to mix)
  • Spot treat the stained areas by dabbing or spraying the mixture onto them
  • Let soak for half an hour before rinsing

Try A Long Soak For Persistent Stains

Stains on baseball pants can be tough. You might have to get tougher. If your spot-treatment mixture doesn’t do the trick, you can try a long soak in warm water and bleach:

  • Fill a tub or bucket with warm water
  • Add bleach to the water (careful to handle safely)
  • Let the pants soak for an hour or more
  • Rinse with bleach-free water

Machine Wash With Quality Sports Detergent

Whether you did a spot treatment or a full soak for stains (or both), it’s important to machine wash the pants immediately—before they dry. This helps to ensure you have the best chance to remove any lingering stains or smells.

  • Wash with warm water
  • Keep separate from colored clothing
  • Use a sports detergent

If you decide to use the same detergent on baseball pants as you do for the rest of your laundry, you may not get the results you’re looking for. That’s because your usual detergent probably isn’t formulated to deal with the damage that activewear items can incur. With a strong sports detergent like WIN Detergent on your side, you’ll stand a much better chance of removing odor and bringing the pants back into shape before the next game.


WIN Sports Detergent is made specifically for athletic apparel. It includes several ingredients that are not found in regular detergents, which separate oils from synthetic fibers. With WIN, you will have a detergent that is designed to target the oils from your skin and remove them from the fibers of your garment. The result is clothing that smell fresh and new every time you pull them out of the wash!

Don’t Forget The Rest Of The Uniform

A pair of baseball pants is not the only item that’s likely to be dirty after the game! The player’s jersey, undershirt, and cap will likely have their share of dirt and sweat as well. And that doesn’t even mention the player’s socks, which might be the worst item of all to clean after hours of playing in the dirt and hot sun.

The good news is that the same basic steps for cleaning baseball pants should pay off nicely for the rest of the gear that needs to be cleaned too. Act quickly, make sure to address any specific trouble spots, and use the right detergent. Follow these steps, and you can get the whole uniform looking and smelling good as new.

WIN Detergent Can Strike Out Odor!

As a baseball parent, washing baseball pants and the rest of your child’s gear is just a part of the sport. But it doesn’t have to be a frustrating chore. With WIN Detergent on your side, you can put the power of a detergent that has been designed specifically for this job to work for you.

Of course, dirty baseball pants probably aren’t the only activewear pieces you need to clean. Rest assured, our detergent is up to the challenge of whatever else you need to throw its way. Place your order today to see what a difference WIN can make!